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Our Short Films

We have an excellent reputation for creating award-winning films.


Our first ever short film, BLUE, about a man with a learning difficulty trying to find love, was Official Selection at 8 festivals, Semi-Finalist at the San Mauro Film Festival and Link International Film Festival, and Finalist at the Grand Indiewise Convention.

BAD DREAMS, a micro short horror based off a popular short story, was Official Selection at 5 festivals, Semi-Finalist at The Festival of Terror, Finalist at the International Open Film Festival and WINNER at the Liverpool International Film Festival.

Another of our micro short horrors, HUSH, was Official Selection at 9 festivals, Semi-Finalist at 4 festivals, Finalist at Kino International and WINNER at Redwood Film Festival, UK Monthly Film Festival, Lakeview International Film Festival and Northern Frights Festival.

Our original dark thriller, THE HAPPINESS OF LARRY, was Official Entry at 6 festivals, Semi-Finalist at the San Mauro Film Festival, Finalist at Out of the Can International Film Festival for Best Actor and
WINNER at Kino International for Best Film, Best Actor and Best Screenplay.

DOUBLE 7 SIX is available on Amazon Prime (trailer below) and was a Finalist at the Dereel Film Festival.

Our original micro short horror AN INTRUDER IN MIND was an Official Entry at Kino International and Horror on Sea. 

STAG DO, a dark thriller, was Official Entry at 17 festivals, Semi-Finalist at the London International Motion Picture Festival, Finalist at Manchester - Home and WINNER at Direct Monthly Online Film Festival, Liverpool Short Film Festival, TMFF and Grindhouse Planet Film Festival.

Official Entry at 6 festivals, WITHOUT LIGHT is an original horror by VJ Lishke & LW Frost and is available on Amazon Prime (trailer below).

JEFF'S CAT, an original micro short horror, can be seen below and was Official Entry at Horror on Sea and Chapel Allerton Film Festival

THAT F***ING AWFUL MESS is a powerful micro short by Ronald Wright and is available to view below. It was Official Entry at 2 film festivals and Semi-Finalist at Rode Reel Competition.

An original horror written by Michael Bray and produced by VJ Lishke and Ronald Wright, ROAD TRIP is available on Amazon Prime (trailer below). It was Official Entry at 5 festivals.

HOLLIE, written by VJ Lishke and Jules Powell, was Official Entry at 7 festivals, Finalist at the Out The Can International Film Festival and WINNER for Best Edit at Direct Monthly Online Film Festival.

We have two films coming soon - TOUCH, which has recently received its first laurel in the Direct Monthly Online Film Festival (trailer below), written by Michael Bray, and A FAMILY MAN, written by Michael Bray and VJ Lishke.

Short Films for Clients

We have worked with many clients on the production of their own films. Among these, THE MAKING OF ALEX (client: Sparkle & Shine Productions) has won over 30 awards.

Our most recent film, LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT (client: Jade Walsh) is currently in post production.